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Cityliner is the largest private stage bus operator in Malaysia, serving people in states/areas namely Kedah, Penang, Pahang, Kelantan, Negeri Sembilan and Selangor. With a fleet of more than 700 buses, ranging from mini to double-decker, the red and grey signature color of Cityliner has been a major mode of transport, connecting rural and urban areas, villages to towns ferrying thousands of passengers every day of the year. From school going children to housewife buying groceries and workers commuting to work, with trips schedule tailored to the local needs, Cityliner has become part of daily life for many Malaysians.

Cityliner has pioneered the stage bus industry with many firsts. With the rising environmental concerns and increasing fuel prices, Cityliner was the first in the country to opt for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) technology which allows the buses to run on an alternative source of fuel commonly known as Natural Gas.

Cityliner was also the first to introduce double-decker stage buses. The additional seating capacity enables Cityliner to carry double number of passengers of single deck at one time thus making it the most efficient among the stage bus providers.

Moreover, for the convenience of its passengers especially in cash handling, Cityliner has introduced ‘Fast Pass’, the first pre-paid electronic ticketing system which promotes cash-free method of payment.

At Cityliner, we are committed to bring innovation and provide efficient mode of public transportation to all Malaysians, from all walks of life!

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